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Never Again Let Diversity Issues and Runaway Emotions
Hijack Your Most Important Employment Cases

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"How To Manage Runaway Emotions" Audio-Course

In each 5-minute lesson, I will personally give you simple, yet powerful insights and tools that will empower you to overcome the diversity-related emotional crises that frustrate and overwhelm your best laid resolution plans. They have worked magic for me during the past 16 years. Now they can work for you.

Here is the course curriculum:
Lesson 1 : Negative Emotions: How They Destroy Even Your Best Resolution Strategies
Lesson 2 : Are You Unconsciously Fueling Your Client’s Emotional Fires?
Lesson 3 : The Emotional Treasure Hunt
Lesson 4 : How To Use Reality Checks To Deliver Bad News
Lesson 5 : Non-Monetary Solutions: When It’s Not Only About The Money

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